The Candles

A good man died Thursday, and I cannot memorialize him the way I would wish to. What I can do is promise to continue lighting candles to banish the darkness.

Three Cards

“I’m staying away from the books until August 31, I think,” I said nervously to M last night across the table at a Greek resto. I meant August 1. A few days prior I’d deleted most of my massive collection of tarot books from my… Read more

Ten Things for Ten Years

…or What I’ve Learned in the Ten Years Since High School Love is always the appropriate reaction I don’t have everything all figured out and that’s okay Sometimes unexpected things trump, and that’s okay too There is nothing inherently selfish in putting yourself first; sometimes… Read more

Seven Devils

“Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.” Christian Troy or Sean McNamara, who own and operate a successful plastic surgery business, would inevitably say in episodes of the TV show Nip/Tuck (2003-2010). In a line, this is what the Devil card in many decks… Read more

Playing Cards With My Grandmother

Perhaps my love of tarot and oracle cards was inevitable—for as long as I can remember my grandmother and I have sat for hours at her kitchen table playing cards—Crazy 8’s and Go Fish. In fact, I have such a love of Crazy 8’s that… Read more